How to Read a Science Passage
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The Integrated MCAT Course has posted an in-depth presentation on the nature of MCAT science passages over at the Student Doctor Network. To introduce the structure of our learning program, we dug deep to make something worthwhile for MCAT preparation.

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Small Group Workshops - Interpreting Science Passages
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What does an MCAT passage look like when it is completely transparent, both in its scientific ideas and as an example of the craft of test-writing? Seeing a few selected AAMC passages "all the way to the bottom of the well" teaches you strategies and approaches you can take to any science passage. Group office hours, questions and advising follow each two hour workshop for three hours total length. In addition to accelerating your progress in the science sections, workshop participation provides a venue for in-person support during MCAT prep.

Workshop details

The new MCAT

The unity-of-sciences approach exemplified by the new MCAT reflects how the biochemistry and molecular biology revolutions have transformed scientific understanding. The undergraduate premedical curriculum teaches the general sciences within disconnected, modular lecture courses, but the individual sciences aren't separate. They are integrative levels within a broader unity. The sciences are unified in living systems, and they're unified on the new MCAT.

Every MCAT passage is constructed to challenge your ability to make it intelligible. The specific elements within an MCAT passage become intelligible when you bring them to light as ideas through recognition and synthesis. The brain doesn’t remember isolated facts. It remembers connections. A unified knowledge base makes the MCAT more manageable. Content review that leads to integrated conceptual understanding, together with extensive practice, represents the surest path to a great score on the new MCAT.

The Integrated MCAT Course

The course available on this website follows a spiraling curriculum to build chemistry on the foundation of physics and the life sciences on the foundation of the physical sciences. The Integrated MCAT Course is sophisticated, but that doesn't make MCAT prep more complicated. The integrative approach makes science concepts easier to understand and remember. Physics concepts determine beforehand how we reach an understanding of chemistry. Physics and chemistry together determine how we reach an understanding of biochemistry and molecular biology. The clearer view of the supervening discipline is easier to gain when you have knowledge of the underlying subject matter guiding you. This approach instills integrated conceptual understanding as an everyday way of looking at things. The Integrated MCAT Course will make MCAT passages much clearer for you, and it will help you get ready for medical school. After many years of development, we are proud to offer the Integrated MCAT Course, the most well informed and effective review curriculum for the new MCAT.

What is the cost?

Access to course videos is $14.95/month with a one week free trial. You can cancel at any time. You will also need an MCAT book-set such as Berkeley Review or Kaplan, our printed course materials, a few other third party resources, and the AAMC Prep Hub set including section bank and full lengths. A great deal of resources are free on this site, including an extensive collection of course publications and open access resources. This is a low cost, high quality MCAT course with no hidden fees.

Watch the videos in sequence

You can use the resources of Integrated MCAT to organize your MCAT review, or you can use this course in support of another framework. However you decide to make use of the Integrated MCAT Course, it will be more effective to watch the videos in order. Integrative MCAT videos are not standalone videos. Important ideas are introduced early on in the course and returned to with greater depth as the course progresses.

Our mission

Our mission is to help future doctors become excellent in their understanding of science.

The teacher

John Wetzel is one of the most experienced and innovative MCAT instructors in the country. A Stanford graduate, John taught the old MCAT for years to small groups of students at a company he founded in Atlanta called MCAT Academy. Many doctors across the country are his friends and former students. After more than fifty course cycles with the old exam, John created WikiPremed in 2008, which became one of the most popular online courses for the old MCAT.

After the introduction of the new exam in 2015, John went back to teaching full time to create the Integrated MCAT Course. Approximately one hundred students completed this learning program in one-on-one tutorial during the years of its development. Over five thousand hours of teaching were invested to refine the curriculum. The Integrated MCAT Course understands the challenges of the new MCAT because it was created through years of working closely with students to overcome just those challenges.

The Integrated MCAT Course is a trademark of Wisebridge Learning Systems. Unless otherwise specified, the works of the Integrated Course are published under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike License. MCAT is a registered trademark of the Association of American Medical Colleges, which does not endorse the Integrated MCAT Course. The Integrated MCAT Course offers our customers no guarantees regarding eventual performance on the MCAT.