The tips begin at a different place in each module. The advice moves along with the stages of the course.

Physics and chemistry formulas aren't plug-and-chug machines. A formula lays out the terms of reference. What changes with what. In addition to being a tool to solve quantitative problems, a formula is a conceptual window into the system. What are the correspondences between quantities? What are possible changes in the system the formula describes? What changes? What stays the same? Formulas!

Suggested Assignments

Science Focus

Study the conceptual materials in your book-set (TBR or Kaplan) within Temperature & Heat Flow, Ideal Gas, 1st Law of Thermodynamics, Stoichiometry, and Thermochemistry. 

Perform the odd numbered (phase 1 ) practice items in your book-set for these topics.

Watch the videos for Module 3 - Temperature & Heat Flow, Ideal Gas & 1st Law, and Thermochemistry.

Before moving on to the Integrated Course practice items, work on your physics fundamentals with the Concept and Question Cards.

Choose from the resources available within the Topic Pages to reinforce and supplement learning.

Conceptual Integration

Schedule an hour to carefully read through the AAMC MCAT topic list rearranged into traditional order by discipline. 

Read the Interdisciplinary Notes for Module 3.

Play Catch Blue.

Biology Cycle

Read Ch. 5 - Organelles in Lippincott - Cell & Molecular Biology

Begin making progress in a Cell & Molecular Biology Cycle with TBR or Kaplan.


Study the conceptual treatment of Sensation and Perception in your MCAT book-set and complete the odd numbered problems.

Review the conceptual vocabulary for Sensation and Perception using the illustrated conceptual primer on this site.

Extend practice using the Essential Concepts ANKI Deck to include the Sensation & Perception cards. 

Integrated Course practice items: 


Module 3 CARS Lesson CARS 101.

Complete the second 5 passages (questions 36-65) from CARS Question Pack, Vol. 1 at AAMC Prep Hub under timed conditions (50 minutes).

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