The tips begin at a different place in each module. The advice moves along with the stages of the course.

Imagine you were a surgeon about to make the first incision in a routine surgery. If it were a difficult surgery, you wouldn't overlook anything, but in the routine case, it's easier to forget something because you're too sure of yourself. It can be this way with the easiest questions on the MCAT. Before toggling the answer, take a moment to check to make sure of what you think you see. It just takes just a moment. The MCAT is always testing your attention.

Suggested Assignments

MCAT Practice

Module 18 MCAT Strategies Staying in the zone.

Set aside a day and complete the AAMC Official Prep Practice Test #3 at AAMC. 

Conceptual Integration

Comprehensive science review.


Comprehensive psychology-sociology review.


Late stage prep for CARS.

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