The tips begin at a different place in each module. The advice moves along with the stages of the course.

AAMC selected their list of MCAT organic mechanisms from those that are most important to biochemistry. However, the list is not complete, and there is another set of mechanisms which are also very important and which often seem to show up in MCAT passages, such as Claisen condensation and Michael addition. These are not on the list. This can be frustrating. What's really the scope of required knowledge and what's out of scope? The truth is that AAMC isn't as brutal about these other reactions, but foreknowledge is still a figure of merit. There are many out of scope elements in the passages in every subject area. Don't panic. They are punching you in the face to see if you can keep your footing.

Suggested Assignments

Science Focus

Study the conceptual materials in your book-set (TBR or Kaplan) covering the organic reaction mechanisms.

Perform the odd numbered (phase 1 ) practice items in your book-set.

Study the Organic Reaction Mechanisms with Biochemistry Examples to preview the content of the course videos.

Watch the videos for Module 6 - Substitution vs. Elimination, Aldehydes & Ketones, Alcohols, and Carboxylic Acids & Derivatives.

Choose from the resources available within the Topic Pages to reinforce and supplement learning.

Conceptual Integration

Read the Interdisciplinary Notes for Module 6.

Play Catch Blue.

Biology Cycle

Read Ch. 10 - Regulation of Gene Expression in Lippincott - Cell & Molecular Biology

This is the module in which we complete the Cell & Molecular Biology Cycle work in your MCAT bookset (TBR or Kaplan).


Study the conceptual treatment of Memory in your MCAT book-set and complete the odd numbered problems.

Review the conceptual vocabulary for Memory using the illustrated conceptual primer on this site.

Extend practice using the Essential Concepts ANKI Deck to include the Memory cards. 

Integrated Course practice items:


Module 6 CARS Lesson What is an argument.

Choose three or four passages you've already performed in the Question Packs. Study them closely in the light of the classical, Rogerian, and Toulmin models of argument. 

MCAT Practice

Begin the Practice Questions from the Official Guide to the MCAT Exam at AAMC MCAT Prep Hub. Spread this assignment out over modules 6 and 7. 

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