The tips begin at a different place in each module. The advice moves along with the stages of the course.

There is a particular genre of MCAT passage beginning with a paragraph or two of dense molecular biology language. Substance X is an inhibitor of protein Y, a threonine kinase deactivating protein Q, whose binding leads to degradation of transcription factor A, etc. The flow of information is meant to be faster than processing, and the amount of information is meant to strain working memory. Slow down and study it. Put it together. See it all simultaneously. This section will be the foundation for the rest of the passage. The research portion of the passage will unroll like a carpet. The questions will make much more sense because you took a little extra time here. You'll get the time back.

Suggested Assignments

MCAT Practice

Module 19 MCAT Strategies Putting it all together.

Set aside a day and complete the AAMC Official Prep Practice Test #3 at AAMC. 

Conceptual Integration

Comprehensive science review.


Comprehensive psychology-sociology review.


Late stage prep for CARS.

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