Module 5 Conceptual Integration

  • Cumulative review

    Last module we discussed two modes of study, the first, the careful study each topic receives as a focus topic in a module, the second, comprehensive review, which approaches the knowledge base as a whole structure. Now we are introducing a third mode of study, cumulative review.

    Building your scientific knowledge base is like building a garden. As we make progress through the course, module by module, more comes under cultivation. The garden gets bigger. It's good to be making progress. However, there is a hazard if you only move forward and don't tend what was planted last month. Those rows will begin to go fallow. You'll start to forget things, so after working in the new section of the garden, remember to devote time to weeding and watering what was put in last month and the month before. Every knowledge item we covered in past modules needs to be visited every few weeks. Even if the visit is only a short skim, you need to show it to your brain again.

    We've gotten far enough in the course that the science topics of earlier modules need to be carefully gone over. Remind your brain with direct sensory input that a memory item is important or it will get covered over and become inaccessible. You could explore some of the external links in the topic pages of this site, or you could take another pass through the pertinent conceptual review sections of Kaplan/TBR. Look over the practice items you've done already. Everything will come right back. It doesn't take too much. Make it a discipline. After content review, a topic enters the cycle of spaced repetition.

Suggested Assignments

Read the Interdisciplinary Notes for Module 5.

Play Catch Blue.

Perform the MCAT Official Prep Online Flashcards at AAMC. 

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