Module 5 - Blind review

  • Larghissimo

    Larghissimo signifies a very slow tempo in music. Musicians practice at this tempo to help learning. Learning needs to happen slowly enough for the brain to notice critical bits of information. The greater the detail that can be noticed, the richer the feedback loop of learning.

    Blind review is a method of reviewing CARS passages that applies this principle to the art of the verbal reasoning exam. At a basic level, the method is simple. You perform a section under timed conditions, but you wait to score the section. Then you take as much time as you need to study the passage and questions, making any changes you decide on a second list. Blind review teaches you what it's like to see the passages and questions with a sense of transparency, what it's like to exhaust the passage and questions. This teaches you what a masterful performance feels like. Once you internalize this performance, you can bring it up to normal tempo.

Suggested Assignments

Module 5 CARS Lesson Blind review.

Perform the first 7 passages (questions 1-43) from CARS Question Pack, Vol. 2. Give yourself 75 minutes to complete the passages. Before scoring them, perform a blind review!

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