Module 2 Psych Soc Strategy - Biological Basis of Behavior

  • Getting started with psychology

    As we discussed in the previous module, we're giving ourselves a little breathing room at the start, taking two modules for the biological basis of behavior, our first psychology topic. Later we’ll be working through a psychology topic each module.

  • Workflow

    Let's take the opportunity to reemphasize the basic, straightforward work-flow to follow as we move subject by subject through psychology. This basic approach works really well if you keep a regular discipline. The first step with each section is to get oriented with TBR or Kaplan. Read their materials and do some of their practice items. Save the even numbered practice items for a later cycle. Use the Integrated Course conceptual review to make yourself accountable and organize your knowledge base. Watch the Khan videos if you need to supplement. Each module the work builds towards completion of the course practice items. Make the Integrated Course set of 50 practice items the final stage in the workflow in each psychology section. The practice items are comprehensive and sophisticated. After completing the practice items, you graduate to the next section. We aim to complete all twelve sections before the exam with good lead time to devote to comprehensive review and full length practice.

Suggested Assignments

Study the conceptual treatment of The Biological Basis of Behavior in your MCAT book-set and complete the odd numbered problems.

Review the conceptual vocabulary for The Human Nervous System using the illustrated conceptual primer on this site.

Get oriented to the Essential Concepts ANKI Deck with the Human Nervous System cards. 

Integrated Course practice items: 

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