Module 11 Psych Soc Strategy - Abnormal Psychology

A key strategy for learning the clinical syndromes is to keep them well organized.

  • Anxiety disorders

    Generalized anxiety disorder
    Social anxiety disorder
    Panic disorder
    Obsessive-compulsive disorder
    Somatic symptom disorder

  • Mood disorders

    Major depressive disorder
    Seasonal affective disorder
    Bipolar I disorder
    Bipolar II disorder

  • Dissociative disorders

    Depersonalization disorder
    Dissociative amnesia
    Dissociative identity disorder
    Conversion disorder

  • Schizophrenia

    Paranoid type
    Disorganized type
    Catatonic type

  • Personality disorders

    Paranoid personality disorder
    Schizotypal personality disorder
    Histrionic personality disorder
    Narcissistic personality disorder
    Avoidant personality disorder
    Dependent personality disorder
    Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder
    Borderline personality disorder
    Antisocial personality disorder
    Conduct disorder

  • Substance abuse and dependence

    Drug dependence
    Drug addiction

Suggested Assignments

Study the conceptual treatment of Abnormal Psychology in your MCAT book-set and complete the odd numbered problems.

Continue review of the conceptual vocabulary for Abnormal Psychology using the illustrated conceptual primer on this site.

Extend practice using the Essential Concepts ANKI Deck to include the Abnormal Psychology cards. 

Integrated Course practice items:

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