Module 1 Conceptual Integration

  • Bird's eye view

    Think of learning the physical and biological sciences as if you were learning the neighborhoods of a city. A walking tour might begin at the park. You pass the library, the coffee shop, and now you are at the museum. The park was before the museum in time, just like work & energy will be prior to the citric acid cycle in this course.

    Now think about the same path from the point of view of the tallest building in the city. Looking out over the whole city, the park and the museum are simultaneous together on the map. The whole knowledge base will be laid out before you. This is the bird's eye view, the point of view of completeness and conceptual integration.

  • Why are we skimming the MCAT bookset?
    • To acclimatize to the scope of the project
    • reawaken old memories from courses you took years ago
    • give structure to things
    • start making connections
    • lay groundwork
    • all that stuff
  • Conceptual vocabulary

    To be ready for whatever the MCAT throws at you, one gets used to being responsible for everything in the knowledge-base. Skimming our MCAT books. Making outlines of the disciplines. Study cycles that take you from the beginning to the end. Concept mapping. Playing Catch Blue! Beginning with simple ways at first, begin holding yourself responsible for the basic conceptual vocabulary from start to finish.

Suggested Assignments

Carefully skim your MCAT book-set from the beginning to end, all the way from physics to biology. Spread the time out over the next several weeks, taking about 10 or 15 hours total. Read the bold headings. Look at the figures. Skim the text. Work to get a feel for the scope of each topic and prime future learning. 

Read the Interdisciplinary Notes for Module 1.

Play Catch Blue.

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