About WikiPremed

WikiPremed was created to make it easier for a person to become a doctor. This learning program teaches the physical and biological sciences within a unified curriculum, an approach developed over many years working closely with college students in small group teaching. The WikiPremed MCAT Course consists of twelve modules. Each module contains videos and suggested assignments. The resources here can be utilized as a stand-alone MCAT course or in combination with another course. There are no restricted areas on this website. You can study at WikiPremed for as long as you want.

The Main Progression

The Main Progression of the course refers to the primary, in-depth content review, in which we make our careful way through the physical and biological sciences topic by topic, covering the material in great detail in specific sequence. In watching the course videos in the Main Progression, imagine you are sitting at the table with us. Participate in the discussion. Do not try to absorb the knowledge by osmosis. Work the problems. Take a good set of notes. Not everyone starts at the same place and not everyone has the same learning style. Some assignments may be optional for you. What is essential is that you achieve the Main Progression learning goals for each topic before moving on to the next topic. The videos are not stand-alone. They are meant to be watched in sequence because the learning goals are spiraling and build up from the base in physics like a pyramid.

Knowledge Mapping

If reviewing the physical and biological sciences were exploring a city, the Main Progression of the WikiPremed MCAT Course is like exploring at the street level, while the Knowledge Mapping components of the course are like seeing the whole city from the point of view of the tallest building. Knowledge Mapping in the WikiPremed MCAT Course help you become the architect of your own knowledge base.

How is WikiPremed more advanced?

Methods which began in our small group course evolved through years of work into an extensive discipline for choreographing breakthroughs in scientific understanding. An example is the repeated focus on electrostatic potential energy and thermodynamics from the very beginning of the learning program, preparing you to begin the review of chemistry having atomic theory, chemical bonding, and intermolecular force within the field of reference of physics. This isn't about making things more complicated but about giving you the ability to conceptualize chemistry in a direct, common-sense way, and when you cross the bridge from the physical sciences into biochemistry you will understand topics like bioenergetics in a direct, common-sense way. The course takes you from basic physics to oxidative metabolism in a unified discussion. The mission here is to help you build an excellent understanding of modern science. This is the key both to a high score on the new MCAT and a rewarding experience in medical school.

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